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Apple: Investors Want a New CEO, Tim Cook Leaving?

Apple: Investors Want a New CEO, Tim Cook Leaving?


WSJ, Apple: "Tim Cook towards layoff, investors want new CEO"

As we reiterated several times, these months are not the best time in Apple's history.

In fact, as you know, Apple stocks have lost an important part of their value, users are less and less satisfied with the company's products and the charm that Apple once had is slowly fading away.

All this happened immediately after the death of Steve Jobs, who left the new CEO Tim Cook at the helm of the company.

However, investors are not happy with Cook's management of Apple and they would be ready to retire him early.

The news, therefore, of those bombs: according to sources very close toWall Street Journal,Applehe would be seriously thinking about firingTim Cook, hisCEO, guilty of having now almost definitively lost the trust of investors and that of customers.

The large numbers in fact speak quite clearly: in the last 5 days theApple sharesthey fell by 6.71% and from a peak of $ 702 per share reached in September 2012, passed to the current $ 390, for a depreciation that it burned the beauty of 290 billion dollars. Obviously, this news does not make investors happy,that they are losing a lot of money.

The causes of this meltdown by Apple can be many: little innovative products, too expensive products, products that have lost the charm of the past and more. All this, however, has led to a collapse in the value of Apple shares which has now made the investors nervous, tired of losing their money due to the management of Tim Cook, during which no truly innovative and interesting products were launched on the market for the customers.

The very delicate situation: theApple's board of directorsto find a figure who can really replace the late Steve Jobs? But most of all, Is Apple really looking for a new CEO or is it just an advertising operation? Or just a way to make Cooks understand that he must move to launch new products and reawaken the interest of users?

What do you think of it?

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