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Apple HomePod arrives in India and costs less than in the USA

Apple HomePod arrives in India and costs less than in the USA

After announcing in late January that HomePod would arrive soon in India, the Cupertino multinational company has started sending emails to customers in the past few hours to inform them of the availability in the country of the smart speaker powered by Siri. Unfortunately, HomePod in Italy has not yet arrived, but many new features are coming soon within this year both in terms of software and functions and perhaps also a new model, so the hope that it will finally arrive in our country in the coming months.

The Apple HomePod page in India now finally shows the "Buy" button, although the company has not yet operated its online store in the country, and therefore refers to other third-party sellers, local and online. At the time of writing, HomePod does not appear to be available from major retail partners such as, Flipkart and Paytm, but presumably they will be available shortly.

HomePod available in India, in Italy not seen yet

HomePod in India is priced at 19,900 rupees, which equates to around $ 253 in the United States, around $ 243. It is around 10 percent below the normal list price of $ 299 in the country of origin, although some offers have sometimes made it possible to buy it in the US for as little as $ 199.

Recall that the Siri support for an Indian localization of English was added to "HomePod" with the software version 13.3.1 at the end of last January.

In Italy, still, no trace of HomePod has been seen. Recently, Apple has also created a team to save its first smart speaker, which certainly not among those with the greatest diffusion. For all the news on HomePod the link to follow directly this.