Apple Glass: Prosser strikes again and reveals many details about AR glasses

Apple Glass: Prosser strikes again and reveals many details about AR glasses

Jon Prosser he kept what he said a few days ago by publishing a new video on his channel Front Page Tech almost entirely dedicated to Apple Glass, the AR glasses of the house of Cupertino.

This is the first time that we have received a full-bodied report regarding some of the main features of this wearable and a precise indication on the sale price. Let's start from this last detail: Prosser reveals that Apple Glass – this seems to be their official name – will be offered at a price of $ 499, which we will need add the cost of prescription lenses.

The Apple Glass, in fact, will be gods common eyeglasses with AR functions, while it will not be possible to configure them as sunglasses, due to the incompatibility with darkened lenses. It will probably also be possible to buy them with simple non-graduated lenses, if the user wants to use the AR functions despite not needing a pair of glasses, but this is not yet known.

Prosser confirms that he has seen a prototype made with a simple frame in plastic material, but this is likely to come modified in the final model. The design of the Apple Glass will recall that of traditional eyeglasses, so let's not expect a futuristic look, but the one belonging to a product in this category. Obviously the purpose of this is to make them socially acceptable, since they can be exchanged for common eyeglasses.

Staying in aspects socially acceptable, Prosser confirms that the Glass they will not be equipped with cameras, so as to solve any privacy problem right away (a fact that has practically sunk Google Glass in the consumer sector), but there will still be a 3D environment scanning system based on the LiDAR sensor. In fact it is the same technology introduced on the iPad Pro 2020 and which will also arrive on the next iPhone 12 Pro and Pro Max.

According to reports from Prosser, Apple is already collecting information and feedback from the users of iPad Pro 2020 in order to better improve this technology before the launch of Apple Glass. The presence of the LiDAR sensor will allow the user to check the Starboard interface (a name we have already seen) through gesture made in front of the face. In addition, it has been confirmed that both Glass lenses will be used to show information on the screen.

Also confirmed the nature of iPhone accessory for the next AR glasses. Prosser claims that the bulk of the computational power of the Glass will come from the Cupertino smartphone; it is a scenario that recalls very closely what we saw with the first Apple Watch and with watchOS, which completely depended on the iPhone in its first editions.

To top it off, Prosser claims to have seen that Apple Glass can be used to scan video special Apple proprietary QR codes and that the glasses will be recharged via a induction base. Their presentation should take place during one of the events of late 2020 or mid 2021 (based on how much the pandemic affected the development phase) through one of the classics One More Thing, while they should be available to the public between the end of 2021 and the beginning of 2022. Below is the video in question: we are talking about Apple Glass starting from the minute 5:33.