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Apple Force Touch on the next iPhone 7

Apple Force Touch on the next iPhone 7

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Even if it is premature to talk about iPhone 7 on the net, we start talking about what Apple could integrate on the next smartphone of the house of the bitten apple. If the design should not change much since Apple has changed the aesthetic aspect only recently and therefore should push everything on the innovative features.

Here we go back to talking about Apple Force Touch which should be a display with pressure recognition system and that should be integrated on the next iPhone 7. From the rumors launched by Bloomberg we begin to outline at least the display that will be integrated on the next iPhone which should always maintain the dual display, 4.7 and 5.5 inches, with innovative functions also thanks to the display with pressure support like already introduced on the Apple Watch and MacBook trackpads.

According to the leaked rumors, it would seem that Apple has already started the tests and then begins mass production in August to be installed on the new version of the iPhone. Other rumors see the use of the A9 processor, and a quantity of RAM equal to at least 2 GB while the camera could suffer an increase of MegaPixel with 12 installed on the iPhone 7 or iPhone 6S with the new Sony sensor that is well resulting in tests with a high sensitivity to any light condition.

Appointment in September.

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