Apple extends independent repair program ...

Apple extends independent repair program …

By admin Wednesday 8 July 2020

The good news of Wednesday. Apple today announced that the independent repair program, already available for some time in various cities of the United States, has also been extended to Canada and Europe, including Italy.

The Italian companies they want offer iPhone repair services out of warranty they can apply to Apple and become in all respects authorized repairers by the Cupertino giant, with all the advantages that this consists of: original spare parts and ad hoc tools, but also free training by Apple.

Stores and businesses aiming to join Apple's independent repair program can submit the request to this address, provided they meet a number of requirements:

  • Business and operational requirements Companies with a consolidated business that can provide Apple with the necessary business verification documentation can apply. Training, service guides, diagnostics, and repair tools provided by Apple must be kept confidential.
  • seat Eligible companies must have a commercial service location open to the public, located in an easily accessible location. A residential address that is not acceptable as a service center location.
  • Technical certification Participating service providers who use original iPhone parts are required to employ Apple-certified technicians to perform repairs.

Apple states that to obtain certifications to be able to repair Apple products, certain exams must be passed through an authorized online Testing Center. The certifications are updated every year for each product. Companies approved like Independent Repair Provider are exempt from paying the costs for certification exams.

Right to Repair, Apple:

Right to Repair, Apple: "users could get hurt"

The European Parliament is pushing for higher quality products that last longer and above all that are more easy and cheap to repair. Even with do-it-yourself. And this will not go to Apple.