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Apple explains the compatibility of the Superdrive with the optical media on the market

The DVD + RW standard not supported by the burners that Apple mounts on its computers and which it has christened, regardless of the manufacturer that manufactures them in OEM for the company from Cupertino (so far Pioneer and Panasonic), SuperDrive.

To support the DVD + R / RW format are a group of companies led by HP, just as heavy the force that companies supporting DVD-R / RW, such as Apple, have on the market, only on the side of the latter , there is the important recognition of the DVD Forum, the association that studies the standards of high storage capacity diskettes.

The DVD + RW supported by another working group, the DVD + RW Alliance.

A clarification comes, in its updated form these days, from an Apple kBase, which reaffirms the difference between the standards and at the same time reminds that with SuperDrive you cannot use DVD + RW formats, in addition to the DVD-RAM that was supported from Apple before the advent of SuperDrive.

The list of players compatible with the discs burned by the SuperDrive present at this address, while the specifications on the SuperDrive models used can be found on the pages relating to the eMac, iMac, PowerMac and PowerBooks.