Apple, employees return to the office. And on Twitter you can work from home forever

Apple, employees return to the office. And on Twitter you can work from home forever

In different areas of the world it is time to gradually return to work in offices, despite all the precautions that the ongoing medical emergency requires to take. What in Italy we call the Phase 2 has already been activated in some countries, including the United States. And among the companies that intend to tighten the time for the reopening there is Apple, who began communicating the return to their employees to their employees. But there are also those who think differently, and have "taken advantage" of this particular period to make definitive changes.


Apple Park and other Apple operations centers will gradually repopulate themselves, as foreseen in the plan drawn up by Tim Cook and associates. The first to return will be those who have encountered problems working from home, perhaps due to lack of space, or due to an inefficient connection line. This will be the first step, which will continue throughout May and will continue until the beginning of June, involving in particular some tasks that expressly require presence on site (see hardware development).

At a later date – from July onwards – a more extensive return is expected, which will remain flexible according to health conditions and government decisions and will in any case be carried out in compliance with social distancing and security. From home, meanwhile, the engineers involved in recording the video sessions of the virtual WWDC 2020 that will take place from 22 June are continuing to work (and perhaps iPhones will be used for filming, as explained by Mark Gurman).


Other California realities have taken different paths, such as Facebook, Amazon and Google where the return to the offices is expected only in 2021. But it is Twitter to revolutionize the work of its employees: in a note on the blog with lots of hashtags #LoveWhereverYouWork, it was communicated that from now on, the freedom to work from home is given. Forever.

In short, this is not a temporary situation, the result of the ongoing crisis. The crisis, yes, has accelerated its path, and the strategy adopted will definitely change the way people work on Twitter. Obviously this will depend on the role you have in the company: if it is compatible with smart working, you can transfer it to your home desk until a date to be assigned. As Human Resources Manager Jennifer Christie explains, "opening offices is a Twitter decision, whether or not to go back to those offices is an employee decision".