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Apple could use iPhone to broadcast WWDC20 sessions

Apple annuncia WWDC 2020, sarà un evento tutto online

With pandemic and lockdown iPhone was used by NBC to continue the recordings of the American Idol broadcast, directly in the houses of the protagonists, protecting the safety of all the people involved in the production: for the first time Apple comments on the news highlighting the video shooting functions and transmission of professional quality, quality and functions that Apple could exploit by using iPhones for direct streaming of the world conference of Apple developers WWDC20.

We know that people rely on their favorite shows while they are at home and we are happy to be part of this process with the American Idol team. iPhone offers a unique solution to deliver broadcast quality video in the palm of your hand, keeping production staff and talents on the air and in their homes safe.

The declarations of Apple remotely follow the enthusiastic comments of the American Idol managers and production technicians who explained how compact dimensions, portability but above all the excellent video functions, allowed to shoot at the home of the competitors, without having to carry equipment and Much bulkier and more expensive professional camcorders, as reported by TechCrunch. Transmission manager Trish Kinane said iPhones are great and that I wouldn't be surprised if I found myself using an iPhone in the studio in the future.

Apple does not anticipate it, but to rely on iPhones to shoot and broadcast WWDC20 events. Of course, for the opening keynote and for the presentation of all the main hardware and software news, the multinational has professional cameras and all the equipment it uses for direct streaming video of its most important presentations.

The speech changes for the dozens and dozens of technical sessions held by Apple engineers to programmers that take place simultaneously in different meeting rooms. To resume and broadcast all these technical sessions, Apple should rent or buy an impressive amount of video equipment, or alternatively use iPhones. It is much more than a simple hypothesis: the idea also suggested by Mark Gurman with his post on Twitter.

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Recall that for the bans for events with the participation of numerous people and to protect the safety of employees and developers, this year the Apple Developer World Conference will be an event exclusively broadcast online and streaming. The presentation of all new versions of iOS, iPadOS, macOS, watchOS, tvOS and probably also the introduction of new hardware will take place with the Apple WWDC20 keynote which will take place on June 22nd.

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