Apple changes the packaging of all products sold in the Apple Store

Apple changes the packaging of all products sold in the Apple Store


Apple wants to redesign the packaging of all products sold at the Apple Store: only accessories with Apple-style packaging will be displayed

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<p style=Small but substantial news arrivesApple and his Physical stores Apple Store: soon, in fact, the company of Cupertino revolutionize the entire range, removing or otherwise overshadowing all products that do not have a sales package that respects the company's guidelines.

As for iOS applications, therefore, also i products sold within the Apple Stores they will have to respect certain canons and indications: if the packaging does not comply with Apple's instructions and indications, the products will be removed from the Apple Stores or in any case will be "hidden" from the users' eyes, in order to standardize the customer's visual experience with the interior of the store.

We know that wellApple famous for its attention to detail, a feature due to Steve Jobs and now imprinted in the DNA of the company: this "revolution" within the Apple Stores is created with a view to perfecting the user experience with the company's products starting from the Store .

From today, in fact, even who produces certified accessoriesApple must follow the same rules as the developers and the company. To help partners prepare new sales packages for various products, i Apple designer have worked closely with companies like Tech21, Sena, Incase, Mophie, Logitech and Life Proof in order to redesign the packaging of their products to homologate them to the new company rules regarding physical points of sale.

Soon, indeed very soon, all the third-party accessories offered in the Apple Stores will have a consistent packaging, with white boxes, monochromatic texts and high resolution color photos, just like for the other official Apple products. Those who do not comply with these indications could see their product "expelled" from theApple Store.

Here are some of the new packs:

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Practically, with the aim of improving the user shopping experience, Apple is preparing to renew the selection of third party accessoriesdisplayed inside the Apple Store, reducing the amount of products available and choosing only those that have packs co-designed in collaboration with Apple.

In the coming weeks, however, Apple will also work with other manufacturers selected to help them change the packs of their products. The new packs already designed, however, will reach the Stores as early as next week.

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