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Apple Care and iPhone and iPad, all questions and answers (on eBay scams included)

Apple Care for iPhone, really useful? The question is one of the most frequent ones that are sent to us via email and in these days in view of the launch of the new laptop and the expiry of the iPhone 3GS warranty, the number of messages asking us what are the real advantages that derive from the expenditure of 69 euros of the cost of this warranty extension. Questions that apply, moreover, also to iPad which also has an Apple Care for sale on the Apple Store and at specialized dealers.

Below is an answer to the most common questions among those we have received in the past weeks, including some that concern a very … hot topic of purchasing Apple Care super discounted on eBay.

What exactly is Apple Care?Apple Care is an extended warranty that brings repair at zero cost for manufacturing or material defects to two effective years and offers free telephone support from specialized Apple operators.

But the warranty on Apple products is not already two years?The answer is yes and no. Yes, in the sense that there is formally coverage of up to two years for some types of faults, not in the sense that not all faults are covered by the conventional warranty. The warranty for the second year is valid only for material defects and not for wear or for defects generated during the first year.

So what is the difference between Apple Care coverage and conventional warranty coverage when a problem occurs for the second year?

In the event of a failure in the second year with a conventional warranty, you must always contact the person who sold the product (a shop, a mobile operator or Apple if device purchased from an Apple Store or Apple Store online) and in most cases you must be prepared to demonstrate that the construction defect and not from wear. For example, that the case cracked due to a material defect or that the screen does not work due to a component problem. The battery is practically never covered in the second year unless there are obvious problems that determine its complete non-operation. The device must be brought to the service center or sent (at its own expense if it is verified that this is not a manufacturing defect) to Apple. In coverage Apple Care we turn to Apple Care operators who arrange for collection by courier and replacement of the device at Apple's expense; It is also possible to bring the product to an Apple Store or an Apple repair center. The battery has lost more than 50% of the charge, covered by warranty. Apple Care also covers accessories: power supply and USB cable.

What does it mean that with Apple Care I am entitled to free telephone support?In coverage Apple Care you are entitled to call a special number that offers information, advice and solves common problems such as synchronization, software blocking, use of Apple applications for two years. Without Apple Care, this free service is valid for 90 days, after payment with a cost of about 40 euros per hour.

If I damage the iPhone or iPad because it falls, for example, does Apple Care also cover this damage?

No. Apple Care is not a casko; only malfunctions or defects in materials are covered by the warranty.

If Jailbreak has been applied to my iPhone or iPad, what happens with Apple Care?The Apple warranty may not be recognized if the iPhone and iPad software has been changed and the same applies to Apple Care.

What does Apple Care Transferable mean?Apple Care applies to a product and lives with it. So if you sell your iPhone and iPad you can get a higher price by transferring the benefits of Apple Care to the new buyer.

How long can I buy Apple Care for?Apple Care can be purchased within one year from the purchase of the iPhone or iPad, or before the end of the one-year conventional warranty coverage.

Is Apple Care also valid abroad?

For iPad it also applies abroad; for iPhone 3G and 3GS previously repairs had to be applied within the country of purchase, recently, as confirmed by Apple Store employees, this policy has been varied and now the warranty is valid internationally.

I read about Apple Care super discounts that are bought on eBay, can I trust? Apple officially sells Apple Care through its online store, its stores and authorized dealers. In some cases there are good offers at retailers that discount Apple Care; making purchases out of these channels is always risky because there are realities that generate bogus Apple Care codes that are validated by Apple but then after some time be recognized as fake. A second system used by scammers to sell original Apple Care but, knowing both the serial number and the Apple Care guarantee number, at a later stage ask Apple for a refund which invalidates the Apple Care guarantee. In some cases, we also learned of eBay sellers who print fake Apple Care boxes. Those who buy Apple Care on eBay should know that it is practically impossible to sell an original warranty at half or a third of the Apple cost because it is well below the price charged by Apple to retailers, including those who sell thousands of Apple Care and have extra discounts.

But the retailer I buy from on eBay has 100% positive feedback …Positive feedback with Apple Care is worth little. It is often left after registering the code and even if this fake generated using ad hoc software is still recognized as valid. We must not forget that a very large slice of people who buy Apple Care have no opportunity to exploit it and therefore they will never know if it is false or original.

Can I still ask for PayPal protection if I buy and find out I am cheated?This operation is almost always impossible because the fraud will be discovered well beyond the 45 day limit imposed by PayPal for this kind of controversy.

In any case I want to buy Apple Care on eBay, what precautions should I take?Those who decide to buy on eBay must always request the sending of the Apple Care box on which the serial number of the product is printed and inside which the Apple Care code is located; alternatively, even if less secure, you must obtain the Apple Care serial number, different from the Apple Care code, and reject any commercial proposal that only sends the Apple Care code via email; Finally always ask for the payment receipt or invoice. In fact, in case of disputes, Apple asks for the Apple Care code but also the sales invoice and does not accept eBay invoices but only the one produced by the real retailer. In addition to this good also to know that Apple always has the right to revoke the Apple Care coverage at any time, even after approving it, should it find it false. This could happen even after you have registered your Apple Care and even after you have taken an iPhone or iPad; the artificially generated codes are in fact formally valid at least until another customer who has purchased a genuine Apple Care with the same serial number registers his code. At that point, Apple will ask you for proof of purchase that you may not be able to provide.

Where can I read all the terms and conditions of Apple Care for iPhone and iPad?The PDF that illustrates all the conditions of Apple Care for iPad can be downloaded from here; the one for iPhone from here.

Where can I buy an Apple Care without taking risks?Apple Store sells Apple Care directly to the public from the Apple Store and its Apple retail stores; Apple Care can be purchased without risk from all Apple authorized dealers: click here to find the one closest to you.

How much does Apple Care cost for iPhone and iPad Apple recommends (and sells on the Apple Store) the Apple Care for iPhone at 69 euros and the iPad for 99 euros. At some retailers you can buy at a slightly discounted price.