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Apple Car, patent to use VR / AR on board without car sickness

Apple has obtained the publication of a new patent in the automotive sector: this time we talk about the possibility for passengers of use AR and VR viewers without trying car sickness. Simply put, being on a moving vehicle, the change of direction and speed could be considered by the viewer's sensors as a head movement, which would lead the virtual environment to move "out of sync" from the user's head, disorienting it .

To avoid this, it is essentially necessary equip the car with a device to measure its inertia – probably a gyroscope, or an accelerometer; cars and displays must then communicate in real time to compare the data and provide the correct output to the interface shown on the display. This could be particularly useful considering that Apple is also working on augmented reality viewers and glasses. No one expects to get in the car and play Fruit Ninja VR, but Apple Glass may show useful information to the driver (or passengers, indicating shops, monuments and other points of interest).

A second patent instead studies how hide infrared sensors and cameras, to keep the interior design clean and orderly. Basically the solution is to place the sensors behind a layer of material capable of letting the infrared pass through. Apple thinks of a paint or coating that contains plasmonic nanoparticles, which are at the same time able to reflect normal light.