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Apple at Macworld in New York, still in doubt

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The Macworld was a success, but it could also be the last Macworld in history.

Despite the interest of the media, the participation of the public, the large number of announcements, in fact, Apple has not yet cleared its reservations on participation in the next event in July. And if Apple does not participate in the summer event scheduled at Moscone, IDG Expo (which organizes the events) may also decide not to set up any Macworld Expo anymore.

Uncertainty about what might happen to future Macworlds rekindled in the past few hours when it became known that exhibitors from the San Francisco event had been contacted by management for July reservations. In the face of doubts put forward by those who asked for information on Apple's participation, for someone an indispensable condition for shelling out the thousands, in some cases tens of thousands of dollars for the cost of the stand, IDG replied with the offer of a refund in the event that Apple decides for the no.

The proposal is a clear sign of the fact that Cupertino decides to set up a stand at Moscone; if so, threats advanced after IDG's decision to move the 2004 summer edition to Boston would be successful. At that juncture Apple had communicated that he did not like the move and that he would not participate in the event in the Mass but that the 2003 edition in New York also lost sense. In turn, IDG countered by threatening to expel Apple from San Francisco, even from San Francisco 2003, arguing that Cupertino could not choose "from flower to flower" at will.

In reality it seems that behind Apple's withdrawal from the Summer Expo there are doubts about its real effectiveness; especially doubts about the real return in the face of many millions of dollars spent. In fact, Apple would count on setting up only two events worldwide, one in the USA (that of San Francisco) and one in Europe, thus optimizing resources and costs. The money saved would benefit the organization of "regional" and local events. A decision that IDG Expo does not seem willing to accept supinely.

However things go, whether the Macworld of New York is going to do it or not, whether Apple will participate or not, it seems in any case certain that something during 2003 regarding Apple events will change. Indeed, something has already changed since the Macworld of Tokyo has already been canceled and that, as mentioned, the Macworld of New York, or at least Apple's participation in it, appears to be in serious doubt.

What exactly will happen for difficult to say; something will be known, perhaps, at the conclusion of the talks still ongoing between Apple and IDG and the results of which could be announced between February and early March.