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Apple Announces "Two Million iPads Sold"

Apple has sold two million iPads. The official announcement arrived today, less than 60 days after the launch on the American domestic market.

The milestone of two million was cut 30 days later, approximately, from the previous record of one million, reported by Cupertino on May 3. A contribution certainly came from the release of the tablet in Australia, Canada, France, Germany, Italy, Japan, Spain Switzerland and the United Kingdom this past weekend. Apple does not specify how many iPads have been sold internationally.

Apple's records began at the end of the first launch weekend. On the following Monday, the Apple press office had made it known that it had touched the 300 thousand pieces sold in just three days.

Two million iPads sold in 57 days mean more than 35 thousand pieces sold per day, well above the 100 thousand units per week which, according to some analysts, represented more than double the weekly production target initially estimated. Recall that some analysts, judged optimistic, estimated the number of iPads sold by the end of June between 750 thousand and one million. Apple has currently sold more than double this figure and is probably also preparing to break the threshold of 5 million iPads sold by the end of the year which represented the (always optimistic) average of a group of analysts in the sector.