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Apple and Verizon: agreement expected in 2009?

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In the last hours on the web an interesting rumor has started to bounce that would see Apple ready to announce the landing of the iPhone also on the Verizon network, the main competitor of AT&T. The news starts from 9to5mac, a site that in recent years has often anticipated some exclusive advances with some reliability.

According to the website, the announcement could take place at next Macworld 2009, while negotiations between the carrier and Cupertino are still ongoing, with a conclusion expected before the San Francisco event.

Despite some sections of corridor rumors, the site considers plausible the possibility that the Apple mobile phone could also reach the Verizon network.First of all some recent job postings would refer to positions committed to the development of the EVDO and CMDA technology, used by the carrier of the V. Verizon then a company owned by Vodafone, which as everyone knows, distributes the Steve Jobs mobile phone in many countries (including Italy). At a strategic level, then, if Apple really wants to compete across the board with Blackberry, Symbian and the upcoming Android, cannot limit its battlefield to the AT&T network alone.

Furthermore, Apple itself has already demonstrated in several countries, as well as Italy itself, that it does not want to bind itself to an exclusive carrier but to try to be "open" to the various operators; attitude in the past underlined by statements by Tim Cook that want Apple "unmarried with any exclusive model for any carrier in a particular country.

The latest flea in the ear comes from the fact that, originally, Steve Jobs would have liked to make the iPhone debut with Verizon, but some contrasts between the operator and the Cupertino company made the device slip into the hands of Cingular / AT & T .

Yes, since the launch of the mobile phone there has always been talk of an exclusive agreement between Apple and AT&T, recently extended until 2010 (but not confirmed in a strictly official manner); for this reason, admitted and not granted that AT&T actually has an exclusive on the iPhone until 2010, the indiscretions would certainly be plausible in advance of the expected timescales. As always, only the future can possibly give substance to these indiscretions.