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Apple, an iPhone application development program?

Apple may be close to announcing support for creating iPhone software. According to Tidbits, who would have had information on this from various sources, the road that Apple would be taking would be that of a real development program integrated in some way with Xcode to facilitate the use of tools already known to the world of those who produces applications for Mac Os X.

The difference compared to the web applications allowed today would be enormous because, while assuming that today Web software is very flexible and powerful, previously unknown possibilities would open up for iPhones, for example in the field of the corporal world where there is a need to develop specific programs and interacting with network systems.

Tidbits, which takes up, specifying, some rumors already in circulation, hypothesizes that Apple, in order to maintain the same level of security, may choose to request application certification. This road traveled, for example, by Rim which only allows certified applications to access the smartphone call module; other smartphone manufacturers, such as Palm, allow the installation of any application, but none freely access the telephone module; network connection allowed only via Wifi.

According to Tidbits, this could be the way Apple will go, with a way out for those who want to produce applications that use Edge. In this case, developers should certify applications, a process that should not be expensive or too complicated.

According to Greg Sterling, Sterling Market Intelligence analyst, 'Apple must seize the opportunity offered by the development of third-party applications. The strong demand and the behavior of the developers pushes her in this direction. Users ask for it. If Apple refuses this path, it will make a second mistake after having tied iPhone closely to At & T '. According to Sterling, in addition to the rest, the battle against hackers to stop the installation of third-party software on the iPhone is a distraction from an opportunity. IPhone applications mean people who work to produce software that will differentiate iPhone from clones that try to imitate it. '