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Apple, an app to access the online store?

Apple, an app to access the online store? – Macitynet.it

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Apple is about to release a new app that facilitates and optimizes access to the Apple Apple Store online store directly from the iPhone, iPod touch and iPad. This is an indiscretion reported by MacRumors and believed to be reliable: the rumors speak of an imminent launch, even a release is expected during the day tomorrow.

In addition to optimizing the screen display of Apple's iOS devices, the new Cupertino app will offer other additional functions. According to rumors, thanks to the new app, US users will be able to pre-order the new iPhone 4, as well as make appointments with the experts of the Genius Bars at the stores of the Apple Retail chain. In addition to rumors, an alleged Steve Jobs reply email sent to a user would confirm the arrival of the app. When asked about the possibility of a quick system to access the Apple Apple Store, the answer was "soon to come".

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