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Apple also burns DVDs with Sony [aggiornato]

Who is in these days receiving some models of the new iMac with G4 @ 1 GHz with SuperDrive will be able to notice it by opening the System Profiler, for all the others there will be no obvious news but, the new CD / DVD burners that Apple now installs on some of the its desktop models are Sony brand (not slot-loading).

Let's take a step back: at the beginning of the history of Apple's SuperDrive, only Pioneer provided the mechanics and, over time, various models followed one another up to the DVR-A05. Last fall for Apple, with the desire to satisfy customer requests, Apple decided to introduce the SuperDrive also in portable models and the 15-inch PowerBooks had to mount a Matsushita (Panasonic) model.

Although there are various models of CD / DVD burners on the market (good last the LG GMA-4040B just presented) Apple has so far used OEMs from Pioneer, Panasonic and now Sony.

Technically speaking, the Sony drive is called DW-U10A or DRU-500A depending on whether you intend the OEM model or the one on the market as a single product. Reading the manual you learn that it is a model with these speeds (and only support in some Windows): DVD-R @ 4xDVD-RW @ 2xDVD + R @ 2,4xDVD + RW @ 2,4xDVD-ROM @ 8x (read ) CD-R @ 24xCD-RW @ 10xCD @ 32x (read).

The most curious aspect for the choice of Apple fell on a model that bypasses (at least apparently) the supported standards, namely the DVD-RW, given that the Sony product is a CD-R / -RW, DVD-R model / -RW and DVD + R / + RW, simultaneously.

As we also had the opportunity to specify yesterday, Apple only supports the DVD-R / RW system.

Apple explains its choice by communicating that it does not specify a priori which model is supplied with its machines in order to be able to freely choose the most repeatable hardware on the market according to its requests. The software provided by Apple is not compatible with DVD + R / RW.

If some of our readers verify their presence in the new purchase, they could inform us, knowing that to access the burn in "+" format, it is necessary to use Roxio Toast, naturally with appropriate media for this different standard.