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AppCake is the best Installous alternative for iPhone, iPod and iPad – How …

AppCake is the best Installous alternative for iPhone, iPod and iPad - How ...


Installous alternative to install free IPA applications, games and programs on iPhone, iPod and iPad: here is AppCake

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Some time ago we reported you an interesting website dedicated to Android users: AppCake. For those who missed the article, here is the link:

AppCake, in essence, a completely accessible website that allows you to download APK applications for free for Android smartphones and tablets, an immense collector of games, programs and apps that would normally be paid but which instead are made available for free download for all users.

The AppCake site, however, not only offers applications for Android, but also has a very rich section full of IPA applications, games and programs for iPhone, iPod and iPad. Therefore, even Apple users can access AppCake to download any type of app, even paid ones, completely free of charge, provided they have the jailbreak on their devices.

The website also offers an excellent client that can be installed directly on the iPhone, iPod and iPad which, just as Installous did at the time, allows you to download and install IPA programs and games directly on your Apple devices, without necessarily having to go through the PC / Mac.

So today let's see how AppCake works together, the best alternative to Installous to download and install IPA games, applications and programs on iPhone, iPod and iPad with Jailbreak.

Ever since he closed Installousin fact, many users have found themselves lost and are no longer able to download and install IPAs on your devices. If you are also among the users who are still looking for a valid alternative to Installous, today you have found it with AppCake. Let's not waste any more time and immediately see how it works and what AppCake offers.

As we have anticipated, AppCake represents the most dated alternative solution compared to Installous, which has always been the main antagonist. It must be said, however, that AppCake probably has the largest database of applications for iPhone, iPod and iPad and the entire catalog of games, apps and IPA programs that can be consulted and downloaded directly from iDevice. A very important and very useful thing! The only drawback of this program: currently not available in Italian, but only in English. Not bad, the things to do are always the same and even those who chew little and badly English will be able to use a program like AppCake without problems.

But how do you use AppCake? Where do you download AppCake? How does AppCake work?

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<p style=If you want to install AppCake on iPhone, iPod or iPad, first of all I remind you that you need jailbreak, since you will need a program like Cydia to be able to download AppCake. Now, if you have an Apple device with Jailbreak, just add this repository directly from Cydia, going to the "Source" section and then choosing the "Add New" item:


At this point the new repo will be added. Then go back to Cydia and do a search, typing in the search field the word "AppCake". Once you find the app, all you have to do is download it for free and install it on your Apple devices.

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<p style=At this point, once you have downloaded AppCake on the iPhone, iPod or iPad, all you have to do is start it and start searching for the application you want to download completely free of charge.

Once the search is complete, you can download the program and install it on your Apple device.Comfortable, simple, fast and totally free.

And most importantly, you can install IPA directly on iPhone, iPod or iPad, without necessarily having to go through iTunes: a really convenient and effective solution to manage the programs installed on your Apple devices.


As we said, AppCake is an excellent portal full of IPA applications, games and programs for iPhone, iPod and iPad. The guide we have described above allows you to download everything you want completely free of charge and directly from your Apple device.

If you prefer to download IPA files to your PC or Mac to manually install them via iTunes or other software, nobody forbids you to do so. All you have to do is go to AppCake, download the IPA files of the program or game you want and then install everything via the classic iTunes synchronization. Again, everything is very simple and immediate.


If any passage of the guides is not clear to you, I advise you to read these two of our articles, which will remove all doubts:

As we have noticed, AppCake represents an excellent alternative to Installous, which has now closed its doors and abandoned us. Once a Pope is dead, however, another is made, and here AppCake seems to me a really good alternative to the old Installous. In some ways less simple and intuitive to use as software, but once you get used to it, using it will be really simple and you will not miss Installous at all.

Try the guide that we have indicated for you to download free IPA for iPhone, iPod and iPad and let us know if you have problems.

We obviously remember that downloading IPA files without having regularly purchased them is illegal, so take all responsibility for what you do.

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