App to download music on Android and iPhone

App to download music on Android and iPhone

The smartphone has become the reference point for many users even to listen to music. You can at any time connect your headphones (also wireless) or associate the car's Bluetooth to listen to all your favorite songs without having to wait for them to pass over the radio and without using CDs or USB sticks. With a smartphone you can practically listen to endless music, or at least as long as the Internet offer allows it! Want to fill your Android smartphone or iPhone with good music? Discover in this guide land best apps to download music to your device.

After seeing how to download free music from the internet, in this article I present you both the apps for downloading music locally (listenable even offline) and the methods to listen to music using the Internet connection.

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App to download music

1. TinyTunesapp to download music

TinyTunes remained one of the few reliable apps to download free music on Android devices. It offers a real search engine able to search for any recent song through dozens of music sharing sites. In the home are also available the rankings of the songs taken from iTunes and Billboard, so you can always download updated music and keep up with the times. In addition to cover songs you can also find good quality original songs. Sometimes the download does not seem to start, but just change the source to download the song you are looking for in the internal memory or on the microSD card.

You can download TinyTunes for Android for free from the following link. The app is not available on the Google Play Store, but you can download it from the official website as an APK and add it to the device.


2. Fildoapp to download music

A good alternative to TinyTuns for Fildo, one of the best apps to download music on Android and iOS. The app translated into Italian and allows download any song (whether recent or not) simply looking for it. Excellent presence of playlists made by other users: you can thus listen to the 100 best playlists and find the right one for you.

Basically, the app searches for songs on a few sites; to expand the search and find any song I suggest you activate all search engines in the app to download music

You can download Fildo for Android and iOS for free from the following links. Even this app is not available in the official stores, but you can download it from the official website and add it to the device.

DOWNLOAD | Fildo (Android)

DOWNLOAD | Fildo Lite (iPhone)

3. Spotify Musicapp to download music

Among the apps to download music could not miss too Spotify. The legal audio streaming service allows (if we have a subscription) to download music in the local memory of the device, to be able to listen to it even when we are not connected. The downloaded files are not available as MP3 files or similar, but are in a proprietary format Playable only on Spotify (so no external readers).

You can download Spotify Music from the following links.

DOWNLOAD |Spotify Music (Android)

DOWNLOAD |Spotify Music (iOS)

4. Jamendo Musicapp to download music

Looking for alternative music? With Jamendo Music you can find the best songs of emerging singers and alternative groups distributed for free and also available for download. To take advantage of Jamendo you have two paths: the online service or the app.

The online service available at the following link.

LINK | Jamendo Music

If you are looking for the app for your mobile device, you can find them at the following links.

DOWNLOAD |Jamendo Music (Android)

DOWNLOAD |Jamendo Music (iOS)

More apps to download music

More are available app to download music, many still present in the official stores. As long as they last and are available, I suggest you try them all, you may find the app you are looking for and have not yet found.

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