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App Store changes against incorrect developers

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App Store changes against incorrect developers logomacitynet1200wide 1

The changes were made by Apple over the weekend: now in the App Store it is possible to publish the review of a program only after having downloaded or purchased it, finally Apple has modified the system of publishing the programs. Both changes aim to eliminate some misconduct of some developers.

Brilliant reviews and top marks to offset some users' not exactly flattering judgment about their software published on the App Store. This unorthodox practice regarding the purpose and usefulness of the reviews of the programs on the App Store seems to have been used by some developers, for this reason Apple has introduced some news over the weekend.

In order to publish a review, you must first download or purchase the program in question. Still Apple has introduced a variation regarding the publication of programs that have undergone an update.

Until the weekend, any program that had undergone even a minimal variation (update) was published on the main page of the category it belonged to, with a high probability of appearing on the App Store home page via iTunes, finally it also appeared on the first page of the lists of categories displayed on iPhone and touch. The greater visibility led to greater possibilities of sale, thus pushing some developers to often propose even minor or insignificant changes, for the sole purpose of appearing more frequently at the top of the list.

After the changes made by Cupertino, the applications are now displayed according to the actual date of publication, regardless of the updates.

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