App Mail on iPhone and iPad: 5 tips to make it work to the fullest

App Mail on iPhone and iPad: 5 tips to make it work to the fullest

THE'app Mail, the official e-mail service on the iPhone and iPad can be used to write or read an email from time to time or it can also be used in a more professional way. In this case it is useful to know the app in more depth and all the functions that allow you to reduce the time of sending an email. We suggest some procedures that will help you increase your productivity and improve your mail workflow.

5 tips for App Mail on iPhone and iPad

Shortcut to access saved drafts

App Mail on iPhone and iPad 1

If you are in the Entry screen and want to access Drafts, you will need to go back one level and then choose "Drafts", but there is a faster way. Just long press the composition icon of a new email at the bottom right of the inbox screen and your Drafts list will appear.

Selective quotes

App Mail on iPhone and iPad 2

Sometimes you want to reply only to a part of the message contained in a received email, but by default iOS reports the entire contents of the email in the reply. You can change this setting by selecting only the part you want to reply to, using the standard iOS text selection mechanism and then pressing the answer key. You will now see the selected text as a citation in the reply composition window.

Attach photos and videos from the composition window

The Mail app does not have a direct button to insert attachments from the composition window, but if you touch the text composition field at length, the option to insert a video or photo will appear (you will need to tap the arrow to the right to view the text). 'option). When you touch this, you will see the standard photo selector appear where you can choose a photo or video.

App Mail on iPhone and iPad 3

See and retrieve more emails

If you receive many emails a day, many of these that do not seem interesting do not read, but are directly archived, in this case you will find this configuration very useful.

  • To adapt multiple emails on the iPhone screen at once, you can reduce the preview size from none to 5 lines by going into Settings> Mail> Preview.
App Mail on iPhone and iPad 4

Move email addresses between the To, Cc and Bcc fields

App Mail on iPhone and iPad 5

If you entered an email address in the "A" field, but want to move it to the "Bcc" field, you can avoid cutting / pasting. You can simply touch the email id you want to move, then drag it to the desired field.

Scroll Options

This is another interesting function to speed up some operations. In the settings you can decide to assign a function to the scroll right and left option. For example, when you swipe an email with a finger, it can be archived or marked. We see in these images everything that can be assigned when scrolling to the right or left.

Scrolling to the left you can choose the options: None, Mark, Move message.

Scrolling to the right you can choose the options: None, Mark as read, Move message, Archive.

Not difficult to use App Mail on iPhone and iPad, but not always know the shortcuts to speed up the operations of sending emails. In this guide we have seen some that may be useful in your work.

If you think Mail is an app that doesn't suit your professional needs, you can always replace it with other apps with more features to manage emails. You can read this guide to get some advice.

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