AOL Instant Messenger by AOL closes after 20 years

AOL Goodbye, the Instant Messenger closes after 20 years

AIM by Aol the pioneering application of the chat that taught us to send messages is about to be closed. December 15 will go out forever

AIM by Aol, the pioneering application of the chat that taught us to send messages is about to be closed. On December 15, AOL Instant Messenger of AOL will be permanently closed, after being used continuously since 1997. AIM has dominated the online chat scene since, you can say, last century, but with text messages, first, and then social apps like Facebook and WhatsApp to get chatting, AOL ( today Oath after the merger with Yahoo) has understandably forfeited, without, at the moment, further programs of alternatives to their historic application.

Goodbye Aim, thanks for all the chats

We know that there are still many loyal users who have used AIM perdecennie we have loved having realized and being able to work with the first chat application of its kind since 1997; our focus will always be to be able to provide innovative experiences that users want and we are more excited than ever to be able to concentrate on building the next generation of iconic brands and life-changing products, he wrote AOL on the auto page of AIM.

Aim, time until December 15 to download the contents

All official AOL Instant Messenger apps for MacOs, Windows, iOS and Android will no longer be supported. AOL has made official even with direct messages to users, using the familiar sound of an incoming message, followed by communication and now until December 15th it will still be possible to download the images sent via the application, even if the download links are already disappearing and there will be no way to save the list of friends, nor to convey it elsewhere.

Aim born as a spin off of the Aol site

Initially the chat function was built directly in AOL desktop and then launched as a standalone application in 1997; its iconic non-computer messages are in fact the ancestors of modern status and tweet updates. AIM has fought for supremacy with competitors like ICQ and messenger software from Yahoo and Microsoft MSN, but in the end those who won were Googel GChat first and then Facebook, while AIM never completely managed to recycle itself in the world of mobile devices, until to the point of falling from an estimated value of $ 224 billion today up to the sale to Verizon in 2015 for $ 4.4 billion. To contextualize how much AOL's business has fallen, consider that WhatsApp was sold the same year for $ 19 billion.

AOL Instant Messenger by AOL closes after 20 years

The use of AOL Aim Instant Messenger had dropped enormously in number of users and the cost of maintaining the OSCAR messaging protocol was too high to be justified in relation to actual users.

AOL AIM Instant Messenger, for many people, was the first tool to express oneself as a teenager, to chat with the first girl, to socialize remotely, but now it's time to say goodbye to the pioneer of instant communications.

AOL Instant Messenger by AOL closes after 20 years

Aol's farewell message