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Another World: a videogame milestone on our Android

Another World

The first videogames could not count on realistic graphics and graphic engines: it was often the idea that proved successful. Titles like Pacman and Tetris are proof of this. But in the early 90s something was changing: Another World was one of the very first video games where innovative graphics were implemented to a captivating and particular story. For some years now also available for Android devices, it continues to enjoy considerable success.

Are you sure it was 1991?

Lester Knight Chaykin a young physics genius who is studying the birth of the universe thanks to a particle accelerator. One day like the others he goes to his underground laboratory aboard his Ferrari while a heavy storm is about to arrive: once seated at his desk and the sequence starts, lightning strikes the structure teleporting the scientist to an alien world from which will have to try to survive.

Another WorldScientists also go to work: Lester has his own research laboratory.

First of all it will be important to decide the command mode: the choice between a simple tap on the display or use the virtual pad (positionable on the screen at our convenience). Also included is the possibility to play with Zeemote joysticks via bluetooth and MOGA.

Within the settings we can also choose the resolution and the level of difficulty (normal, difficult and impossible). Once back to the home we will also find two small icons on the lower sides of the display: tapping on the left one we will have the credits while on the right one we will see the summary of our goals achieved and the link to the Play Store.

Another WorldWith a double swipe down we can go back to playing in the past!

Well, we are ready!

In Another World you die often and willingly, but do not be discouraged because the game automatically saves us in our progress. Always pay close attention to how to overcome every single obstacle that you will find on your path to freedom: there will be many occasions when you think you have done it and then get stuck without being able to do anything.

Another WorldMonsters and puzzles will always be present in our struggle for survival.

During the gameplay, the moments in which you can stop and think about how to act to solve certain puzzles will be few: in fact you must always have the right thought at the right time combined with an excellent speed of execution, under penalty of being resumed from the last checkpoint.

Graphics and Audio

Successful adaptation for Android devices: well-groomed graphics (impossible and unthinkable to distort it) and perfected. For the more romantic, there is the possibility of swiping two fingers down during the gameplay to play with the original graphics of 1991. Performing it again returns to the optimized resolution.

Even the music that will accompany our adventure will be the same as those of the first version and guarantee the same retro flavor of those years. But never be distracted: as cute as they are, they often cover the noises of the enemies that we can find in the next quadrant.

A futuristic and simple video game in its complexity, where the player has no other skills but his intellect and the desire to be able to give young Lester freedom. The storyline has not undergone changes since the original version (and we would miss it, ed). A masterpiece that continues to gain acclaim despite having made a quarter of a century.

Another World has had a following, which adaptation is not yet planned but which will hopefully arrive soon. Currently available on the Play Store for the price of 3.99, compatible with any Android 2.3.3 or later device. How many of you remember this title with pleasure and will also download the smartphone version?

Another World

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