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Another record for Macitynet: 1,750,000 pageviews in January

They are just numbers in the statistics of our servers but for us they mean a lot: they represent the trust of our readers, the level of interest that we manage to arouse in you and, why not, a business card to present the activity of a Mac community always growing and active.

Here they are pitted in sequence: In January 2003 we had 1,750,000 page views on our site (and we are talking about pages rich in content), twice as much as last year and three times 2 years ago. There were 240,000 unique readers and we served 200 GB of content; but what matters most to us is that the unique readers who come to visit us every day have increased by 20% compared to December 2002 and the members of the Forum have increased by 25% in a month.

January has always been the most interesting month for Apple news and for the wealth of services from our site, but what most encourages us the constant growth of readers' interest in us: in addition to this we see more and more participation in the activities of the our Forum with about 40 active discussions per day (even on weekends) thanks to the very useful help and "animation" that many of our old and new readers carry out constantly.

Direct reports via email are increasing and interesting tutorials are coming from users who want to share their knowledge on the platform. This was and the spirit that prompted us a few months ago to create MacityNet integrating news and tutorials, reviews and services to the community: the numbers you read above seem to confirm that it is a choice in the right direction.

We must therefore thank you not only for your precious daily reading, but also for your encouragement and suggestions, for your activity in the Forum and also for the diffusion that you are giving with your word of mouth to our site. We have no other way of advertising than offering interesting content and satisfy your technological curiosities, if you are satisfied users of our site, propagandatelo among friends: it costs absolutely nothing (except Internet connection) and in many cases you are the protagonists.

Obviously thanks go to our sponsors who allow us to manage the huge and growing amount of data to be distributed every month and to deal with the travels and reports that we offer you very often exclusively from all the Mac events in the world. challenging for us but certainly more pleasant to do so knowing that we offer you the opportunity to participate in the knowledge, even if mediated, of all the news for our platform.

Thank you all for the help you give us to grow. Our desire is to be, despite our small structure, always up to your expectations.