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Another point for Xerox on Palm

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Another point for Xerox on Palm –

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First US Robotics, then 3Com and then Palm Computing (heir of the spin-off) have been dragged for years (since April 1997) in the courtrooms for the old history of patents stolen between Palm's Graffiti solution, central technology for PDA data input, and Xerox PARCTAB Unistrokes software designed by PARC – Palo Alto Research Center and patented in 1997.

The last episode (unfortunately only in order of time) of the presence marks a positive point for Xerox but the blocking of sales of Palm's PDAs (requested by Xerox for the umpteenth time) was however not accepted by the court.

Palm was forced to pay $ 50 million in securities a year ago as a legal dispute fund.

Recall that Palm recently decided to switch to the so-called "Graffiti 2", or a new handwriting recognition technology thanks to CIC's Jot.

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