animated stickers on whatsapp

Animated stickers on WhatsApp: what they are and how they work

The messaging app is releasing the stickers that move for the beta versions of Android and iOS

At the beginning of June, WhatsApp had announced with great pomp the arrival of numerous novelties including that of animated stickers. And now the news is what will make the many users of the messaging app happy. Animated stickers on WhatsApp are coming soon. Although for the moment only in the beta version. As always on time and on the piece, the staff ofWaBetaInfo through their blog.

To start using the new onesanimated stickers necessaryinstall version of WhatsApp betafor Android orversion beta for iOS. Gradual release and it should reach all users within a few days.

How animated stickers work on WhasApp

animated stickers on whatsapp

Animated stickers are nothing more than stickers that move. For example, those who use Telegram have already had the opportunity to use them. In order to take advantage of the animated stickers on WhatsApp, three important variables must be considered:

  • the possibility ofsee animated stickers. If a friend of yours sends you one, you can save it and send it as a message in other conversations
  • the possibility ofupload third party animated stickers, i.e. developed by companies or simple users
  • the possibility ofdownload the stickersfrom the WhatsApp Store

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When the tool is fully operational, theanimated stickers can be downloaded from the WhatsApp Store, reachable via the smartphone keyboard. Using the stickers will be very simple. First of all, you need to download the package from the WhatsApp store, then enter a conversation, press on the space where you want to write the message and select the stickers icon from the keyboard.

Theanimated stickersare being released in thebeta version of WhatsApp for Android(the number and periOS(the number If the tests are successful, the animated stickers will be released for everyone very soon.

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