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Angry Birds says no to Microsoft

Angry Birds says no to Microsoft – Macitynet.it

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We have repeatedly spoken of Chillingo, the publisher who has achieved great success thanks to the publication on the App Store of video games for iPhone and iPod Touch such as Angry Birds. After selling over 4 million copies of the aforementioned game through Apple's digital distribution service, the group began to receive interesting proposals and notable offers from none other than Google and Microsoft: the reason easily understood, since the two giants would like to have some of the most successful titles in the smartphone market on the Android and Windows Phone 7 playground.

According to reports from the San Francisco Chronicle, however, Joe Wee, the director of Chillingo, refused frequent offers. For him, the two platforms of Google and Microsoft do not yet offer a potential user high enough to justify the expenses of the various ports, especially if we consider that games like Angry Birds are constantly updated titles, and the developers would be required to work constantly also to new versions. Wee would have specifically said that for him "iOS is the only commercially viable mobile platform." It must be said that not all developers and publishers think so, and that someone is already working to convert their games on new platforms, but Chillingo's statement should give an idea of ​​what the vision of the companies they publish and develop for is iPhone, or at least part of them.

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