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Android tablets: the best games to download

migliori giochi android tablet

THE Tablet nowadays they play an increasingly important role for the Android world, and an increasing number of applications on the Google Play Store have been optimized to work best on them.If you are happy owners of a Nexus 9, an Xperia Z3 Tablet Compact or any other tablet, in today's article we have selected for you the best games to install on your device!

Even if i games selected today they are also compatible with Android smartphones, they were actually designed for larger screens, in order to take full advantage of the graphics, effects and functions of the tablets, so without further ado, let's see what they are.

Monument Valley a unique puzzle game of its kind, difficult to find similar on the Play Store.Not free-to-play, so if you want to download the game you will have to buy it, but without any kind of ads and in-app purchases that would damage the experience of a rather short game (although new levels have recently been added), which could be finished in one afternoon, but the developers have compensated quite well with a picturesque database and an intelligent level design.Finally, the really rewarding gameplay: every puzzle solve yourself by giving a metaphorical pat on the back.

Producer:ustwoVersion:2.0.33Dimension:242 MBUpdate date:November 25, 2014Price:3.59

Real Racing shows what Android tablets are able to offer even at no cost. No full tablet without a hilarious racing game, and Real Racing has the best graphics we've ever seen in any Android racing game, there are over 70 vehicles and more than 2000 events. to participate in. The cars are incredibly detailed and the way they reflect the incredible light. From the front bumper to the spoiler, the cars are identical to the real ones and the marks left on the road by the wheels remain for the rest of the race. The best part of Real Racing the possibility of being able to set the front view of the dashboard, making the gaming experience more immersive, moreover, despite being a smartphone game, Real Racing is very difficult.During the carrier mode the challenges will become increasingly intense and it will be difficult to rank first .If you like racing games, don't miss the race experience that Real Racing 3 can bring suitabl and Android.

Producer:ELECTRONIC ARTSVersion:3.0.1Dimension:42 MBUpdate date:December 11, 2014Price:Free

What could be better than killing disgusting zombies, using a wide range of weapons?Dead Trigger 2 arrived at Halloween this year, and proved immediately the best zombie shooter for Android.The game has an incredible and totally free graphics, in addition, the controls are very comfortable and if necessary customizable, a must-have for your tablet .

Producer:MADFINGER GamesVersion:Varies by deviceDimension:Varies by deviceUpdate date:December 19, 2014Price:Free

In Hungry Shark EvolutionYou will impersonate a very hungry shark by literally diving into an action-packed aquatic adventure. tablet to move the shark.The game constantly updated with new features, content and challenges to never get bored

Producer:Future Games of LondonVersion:Varies by deviceDimension:Varies by deviceUpdate date:December 22, 2014Price:Free

If you love gladiator games, you should definitely try Blood & Glory, which in our opinion the best game of its kind. The game set in the Roman Colosseum in which you have to enter the role of a gladiator who fights for his life. Present a tutorial to learn how to familiarize yourself with the controls and, once mastered the game won't pass long before confronting another gladiator, making use of an arsenal of lethal weapons and armor made especially for the different with various fighting styles, including blades, shields and double weapons.

Producer:GluVersion:1.1.6Dimension:140 MBUpdate date:July 18, 2013Price:Free

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