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Android PSP emulator, game guide and download

Android PSP emulator, game guide and download

Have you always longed to own the famous PSP? It intrigued you the idea of ​​being able to have fun with your friends videogame Favorite while you were, for example, in the waiting room of a doctor, at the boring party of a relative or any other place that was not your home? Today everyone can do it thanks to PPSSPP, theAndroid PSP emulatorable to run part of the typical games of the old PlayStation Portable, we remember dating back to 2005 and only abandoned last year.

Android PSP emulator

I state that the Android PSP emulator, in order to function properly, requires a device with good technical characteristics, also the list of videogame decently practicable (later I will show you where to download PSP games) unfortunately still lackluster, nevertheless frequent updates are released in order to make improvements that make their use more pleasant. But no more talk, let's proceed with the guide PSP emulator:

Download the Android PSP emulator from the Play Store (link for the "free" version and link for the "Gold" version: the difference lies in the fact that with the second, of course paid, you can support the developers in the project), install it and start it; you will find yourself in front of a screen where various words are present, click on "Settings" and set everything as shown in the gallery below:

Notice that the universal configuration to emulate PSP with Android does not exist, in fact it depends on the device you use from the game played, therefore I suggest you "tweak" with the numerous options of the Android PSP emulator until you reach the one that seems the most performing and suitable for you. Concluded the short and understandable tutorial PSP emulator, let's move on to download PSP games.

Download PSP games

After seeing how to set the Android PSP emulator, the next step is to get the ROMs videogame(operation that we inform is illegal unless you are already in possession of the original copies) which must be in the format .iso or .csoand located in a location of your choice, so I advise you to create a single specific folder in which to go and insert them. In addition, here are some links to download PSP games:

It is clear that there are many sites for the download games PSP, therefore it is enough to go a little to find what suits you best.

Emulate PSP with Android

.. has never been so simple, indeed it will be enough to carefully follow the aforementioned steps and you will see that you will be able to emulate PSP with Android at its best. In conclusion, in order not to miss anything, I give you a preview of the screenshots of some games in action, while for other details I invite you to visit the official website directly. PPSSPP, the Android PSP emulator.

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