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Android L: icons available thanks to Android L Icons & …

Android L: icons available thanks to Android L Icons & ...

Attention to the style of Android L now become such to have induced the realization of different applications that emulate the aesthetic traits, allowing anyone, even with a dated device, to be able to live the experience of the latest release of the OS, albeit not in all its completeness given the impossibility of imitating all internal animations and features, and among these solutions there is no lack of icon pack such asAndroid L Icons & Weather Skin.

If you followed the our guide on how to emulate Android L from any device, you will surely have noticed how among the various solutions to which it is possible to resort, the icon packs represent the key element, adapting the style of all the icons to that seen in the OS with Material Design. Within the Google Play Store proprioAndroid L Icons & Weather Skin is proposed as one of the best to use in order to enjoy the aesthetic advantages of Android L, although its use is bound to the presence of the Launcher only.

Both applications are available for free within the store, an opportunity therefore to test them and see the effect directly on your device, a solution you will certainly not regret, providing a new look to your device, often the only thing which is used to give it an updated and avant-garde air with respect to the technical characteristics it possesses. Here are the links for the download:

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