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Android keyboard app: the best 5

TouchPal – Free Emoji Keyboard app tastiera Android

Let's face it, the keyboard Available by default on Android smartphones, it is enough and it progresses to fully satisfy the needs of most users. Spartan and simple to use, it does not cause major concerns when writing. However, for professional reasons, those looking for more in terms of customization, in the change of the key layout, in the choice of the theme or in the keyboard shortcut (keyboard shortcuts). And to those that we turn to, pointing out what we believe are the best 5 Android keyboard app.

TouchPal Free Emoji Keyboard: our list opens with an interesting free application of the category productivity, unique in its kind for how it deals with writing. The prediction of the text does not refer to the single word, but to the sentence. The analysis of the terms depends on the words typed previously. The best ways to write are T9, T + is swipe. The nice ones are excellent emoji/emoticons, but the position should be reviewed, because it is too close to the space bar.

Siine Shortcut Android keyboard app

Siine Shortcut: among the 5 best Android keyboard app in terms of speed, especially for routine use. How many times do you always use the same sentences, the same words or the same emoticons? With this free app of the category communication, you can store them and reuse them whenever you want. The only drawback? The graphics, in my opinion a little anonymous.

SwiftKey keyboard + Emoji: inserted in the categoryproductivityof the Big G store, certainly the most famous themed resource among those mentioned because of its simple and intuitive use. Just slide your finger over the letters and an advanced algorithm will recognize your intentions. His ability to learn your writing style very high: you will see progress week by week.

Go Keyboard Android keyboard app

Go Keyboard: between swipe keyboards, the one released by Go Dev Team in the category tools of the Play Store does not fear comparisons with anyone, both for the excellent precision and for the accuracy in the prediction of the sentences. The presence of more than 60 elegant themes (some for a fee) another point in favor of this app. Of negative? A few too many blocks with the English terms and when it takes a apostrophe.

Kii Keyboard + Emoji: the best Android keyboard app both in terms of customization of aspects and themes and for the number of modes between COLEMAK, T9, QWERTY, AZERTY and DVORAK. Emojis will make communication richer.

To conclude, thanks to all these applications available for free on the Play Store, you can customize and, above all, speed up the writing from your Android device.

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