Android, here are the apps that drain the battery

Android, here are the apps that drain the battery

The AVG report identifies the culprits of your phone's low vitality, from Facebook to Spotify

(Photo: Maurizio Pesce / Wired)(Photo: Maurizio Pesce / Wired)

If your Android smartphone loses energy and megabytes on the data plane as if someone had punctured the bottom, the problem could be some appallingly resource-hungry app. The most savvy users know it: sometimes even behind the apparently most harmless app you can hide a real dewatering that would be better kept under control. AVG has published a series of rankings that clearly reveal these special reports divided into categories.

The first top 10 includes the apps whose combined impact on battery, memory and RAM storage most impressive. a double ranking: one part concerns the apps that users start knowingly and that then remain running against the background of other activities (or because they are involved in streaming audio and video, or because they are active). The other dedicated to more subtle processes, which automatically start to offer some features to the whole package (such as real-time notifications) and cannot be stopped in a simple way.

(Photo: Avg)(Photo: Avg)

Spotify in the first position understandable: the app uses not only the Wi-Fi or cellular connection without stopping, but also the device's speakers or the Bluetooth connection if the audio signal is directed to wireless earphones or speakers. In addition, the musical data needed to generate uninterrupted flows (apart from advertising) must be stored in the temporary memory.

Even Facebook was unfortunately waiting for it: the amount of data that travels from Zuckerberg's servers to the impressive smartphones, especially since the advent of smartphones capable of displaying photos in high and very high resolution. We add videos that start automatically, emoji and Internet pages that the app loads by itself trying to predict what you want to read outside of Facebook, and the omelette made.

(Photo: Avg)(Photo: AVG)

The other two top 10 relate to the evaluations made by AVG on the solo battery consumption and they see only one winner for both categories: Samsung, which brings home the trophy for the apps in automatic startup with Beaming Service (actually developed by Mobeam Inc.), and the one for applications to be performed manually with the WatchON video platform .

(Photo: Avg)(Photo: AVG)


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