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Android Guide | Increase the Volume of the Gear 2

Android Guide | Increase the Volume of the Gear 2

You have noticed that often you are unable to listen to notifications coming from yours Gear 2? Is the call volume too low? Well, tonydav, an XDA developer has created a .bat file that allows us to to increase the volume of the Gear 2, let's see together how to use it.

Increase the volume of the Gear 2 (Neo / Fit)

–To follow this guide you need to have the root on your Gear.

– First you need to download and extract THIS.

– Make sure you've activated on Windows viewing hidden files.


– Enable the debugging USB on the Gear and connect it to your PC

– Launch the "Launcher.bat" scriptvolume-of-gear

– Choose option 1 and enter the value you want, the recommended value 110


– Type "yes" and hit enter


– Press any key and then choose option 7 to exit.

The guide ended, obviously I advise you not to increase too much the volume of the Gear so as not to damage irreparably yours smartwatch.

If you need more information HERE you can find the official topic of the Mod

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