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Android Guide | How to view recent news on Facebook

Android Guide | How to view recent news on Facebook

The spread of Facebook among users it has now achieved remarkable data, despite all the defects for some functions continue to be present and among these, among other things decided by the company, there is the absence of achronological order in recent news. In fact, the appearance, at home, of feeds or perhaps even one-day old posts disseminated among more or less recent news is frequent.

Although this detail may seem trivial, it is actually part of a well-designed visibility system, both for users and for pages, which does not deny the user to be able to enjoy a perfect chronological order, provided he knows how to view the recent news on Facebook.

Recent Facebook News:

Before proceeding, it is advisable to clarify how displaying recent news on Facebook does not alter any setting on themobile application, and in the same way it was not conceived as a permanent method but as a solution to which to resort, for different needs, in case you want to quickly access all the general news or filters specific to their activities.


How to view recent news on Facebook a process little known to most, with questionable usefulness which, however, cannot be completely denied since its variability depends on the situations in which any user may need it.

Access recent news as possible by going, by taking a first step, to the "Settings"Present on the right margin of the display where, inside, you will see quick access to yours personal profile as well as multiple management options.

How to view recent news on Facebook

Scrolling between these, going to the bottom of the page, you can view a category known as "Filter" with inside two options known as "Most recent" is "Show all": From these items you can manage the display mode news by accessing a generic selection in chronological order and by filters set.

By accessing the first option, you will have the display of recent news in chronological order, in the second case you will be redirected to another screen containing all the applicable filters for each of which the individual relevant news will be cataloged. These are modes offered for particular needs, although not permanent since simply return to the news feed from the left area of ​​the display for standard viewing.

The guide ends here, for any doubt, question or report, you can request directly from the comment box at the end of the article.

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