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Android Guide | How to set up offline maps on Nokia Here …

Android Guide | How to set up offline maps on Nokia Here ...

With the official arrival of Nokia Here Maps, of which you can download the ".apk" file for any Android device without having to resort to root permissions, the Android navigators it is equipped with one of the best solutions in the mobile landscape, offering the possibility of using the navigator without necessarily a data connection.

Despite this novelty, it is not entirely easy to use them offline maps this mainly because it is necessary to set some parameters to avoid being caught by surprise by problems during use. Here is the reason why, unlike Google Maps maps, important to understand how to set them offline maps on Nokia Here Maps.

Offline maps on Nokia Here Maps:

Before proceeding, it is advisable to clarify howuse of offline maps on Nokia Here Maps differs from other services for the abolition of data connections, being able to use the navigator with a voice assistant to search and get suggestions on pre-selected maps. This function for subordinate, at least during the setting phase, to access to the internet to be able to obtain all the elements to be exploited in offline mode.


How to set up offline maps on Nokia Here Maps a simple mechanism, the only obstacle could be represented by some elements to be set initially for which, however, the same application provides targeted advice in some points.

Once the installation procedure is completed, which provides the possibility of being able to exploit theFacebook account, you will have to access the side scrolling menu by selecting, first, the option "Download maps”From which you will choose the maps to be installed on Nokia Here Maps. At this point you will have to choose the preferred ones from Nations, or between Regions, being able to download multiple at the same time given the interface with monitoring of system resources that indicates the available storage.

How to save offline maps on Nokia Here Maps

Completed on download of your maps, before switching to offline use, we recommend that you download the voice assistant pre-set to English: always from the scrolling menu click on the item "Settings"And inside, scroll to"Voice navigation". The following screen will show you all the navigation items downloaded, an eye always on storage, and the option "Manage voices"From which you can also choose Italian in both female and male versions.

How to set up the voice navigator on Nokia Here Maps

At this point, you will be ready to use the Nokia Here Maps offline maps, based at least on activating the GPS, first go to the scrolling menu and put the check on the option "Use Offline App"Then go back to the search screen and set a destination in a natural way by operating on the upper search bar, follow the various processes that are completely intuitive and at the end click on"Starts”To start the suggestions.

How to use offline maps on Nokia Here Maps

The guide ends here, for any doubt, question or report, you can request directly from the comment box at the end of the article.

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