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Android Guide | How to set up multi-language support on Google Now

Android Guide | How to set up multi-language support on Google Now

The long awaited multi-language support, announced by some time for Google Now, has finally been released by Google which has thus updated, providing a particularly important feature, its voice assistant making it more flexible towards users and a globalization that needs a system capable of not binding too much to a specific language but making itself useful in different situations, although the current step represents only one of the first towards the improvement of the parameters of the voice search.

The arrival of multi-language support allows, from today, to be able to perform i Google Now voice commands, with a detailed list already available but expandable by following the appropriate guide to add new and customized ones, taking advantage of your preferred languages ​​without having to go every time to select the one you are going to use but by deciding on a restricted circle, up to a maximum number of 5, which will be easily recognizable by voice search, even being able to interchange them with commands in progress. All this leads to doubts about how to set up multi-language support on Google Now, a simple and easy to understand procedure that we illustrate.

Google Now multi-language support:

Before proceeding we should clarify how Google Now's multi-language support allows you to pre-select languagesand that it is customary to exploit up to a maximum number that is not mandatory to reach, you can therefore decide, within this limit, which and how many languages ​​to make available for recognition that remains bound to the previous methods of use exploited to date for the Vocal recognition mono-lingual. The setting does not require any special precautions and has been implemented in a specific path on the voice assistant Google, being able to change preferences at any time as they are not static but available based on user needs.


How to set up multi-language support on Google Nowrequire a careful evaluation of the languages, usually used by you and not by chance the goal of this feature introduced by the Mountain View giant is to simplify the recognition of voice commands moving from one language to another without problems, a simplification useful for travelers or those who want to practice practically for studies or personal preparation.

Sign in to Google Now if you have installed the Google Now Launcher you will have to swype to the left, otherwise click on the Google icon in your app drawer, and go to the bottom of the page by identifying the button, on the lower right side of the screen, to access the panel "Settings"Through which you will be redirected to the management screen among which items you will find"item".

In the screen that appears you will have to pay attention to the first item, or "Languagesβ€œ, Through which you can set the types you prefer. Until now the procedure identical to that used to set the language on Google Now, it is no coincidence that there are no particular signs regarding the arrival of the multi-language support function if not the choice of plural in the wording of the option that once opened, I will provide you with the classic pop-up window with the list of available languages. Select the desired ones up to a maximum of 5, when the limit is reached you will be notified, after completing everything you will be ready to be able to give Google Now your favorite commands also by alternating between different languages.

We tested a simple command like "How's the weather?”In Italian, English, French and German by asking questions consecutively and thanks to multi-language support, as well as a pinch of help from the Google translator, we were able to ask the questions consecutively without problems as visible on the screens.

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