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Android Guide | How to set the invisible mode of WhatsApp

Among the services of instant messaging WhatsApp today represents one of the least advanced on a functional level with novelties that are generally introduced with the dropper yet, despite everything, it boasts some interesting features such as the invisible mode to protect the privacy.

This is a series of special settings for the privacy management through which WhatApp allows you to decide what to show to your contacts and possibly to whom specifically. How to set up invisible mode protecting not particularly complex privacy but not everyone knows exactly how to do it.

Invisible mode WhatsApp:

Before proceeding, it is advisable to know how the invisible mode on WhatsApp is not permanent and represents only one filter visibility that can be applied to certain information such as connection time, photo is profile status, without completely erasing this data. Disabling, whether applied to specific contacts or to all, is possible at any time in a few steps.


How to set the invisible mode by protecting the privacy WhatsApp was conceived as an integrated mechanism within the messaging application, without resorting to external services.

Once the application is open, go to the panel "Settings"And under the heading"Account"From which you will have to select the option"Privacy", Within which you will have full access to the key parameters management area.

Invisible mode guide on WhatsApp

From this screen you can decide what to show users:

  • Last Access: it will not be possible to view the last access hour
  • Profile photo: your account will not show the selected profile photo
  • Status: it will not be possible to display the status phrase set
  • Blocked contacts: the selected contacts cannot send you messages or see any of the previous listed items

Every single option boasts windows with items, in particular being able to choose whether to activate the function for “All", Or whoever has your number,"Contacts", All the numbers in your address book,"Nobody“, Complete disabling. The situation is different for the last option where you can select specific contacts by blocking or unblocking individual people.

The guide ends here, for any doubt, question or report, you can request directly from the comment box at the end of the article.

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