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Android Guide | How to pay with PayPal on the Google Play Store

Android Guide | How to pay with PayPal on the Google Play Store

The payment methods within the Google Play Store until a few months ago, they represent one of the major limits for users of interest to the acquisition of intense content not only as applications but also as films, music and books. Despite the absence of concrete methods of using telephone credit, to date only Vodafone he had attempted this solution, recent news such as Gift Card and the introduction of the circuit PayPal they provided the first and efficient solutions open to all.

In particular, the use of the second system, one of the most used transaction mechanisms on the web thanks to the simplicity of use and tracking of financial flows, has obviously opened the doors to the purchase of content of all kinds. It is therefore important to understand how to pay with PayPal on the Google Play Store.

Pay with PayPal on the Google Play Store:

Before proceeding it should be clarified how pay with PayPal on the Google Play Storedo not constantly enable access to your account from smartphones and tablets, but only create a preferential channel, among the payment options, to be used with maximum convenience and in compliance with the purchase lines Google. The choice of PayPal, compared to a credit card, does not modify in any way the rules for the refund and cancellation of purchases, just for the premium app than for in-app purchases of the freemium apps.


How to pay with PayPal on the Google Play Store a particularly simple, a problem that could make it easy for anyone to make purchases on your device, or make you lean towards erroneous expenses, thus requiring some attention.

Before proceeding with the evaluation of the purchase method with PayPal, it is appropriate to distinguish the existence of two different systems, which cross each other halfway, linked to the settings of Google Wallet which can offer two situations:

  • No payment method set
  • Credit card or PayPal account already associated with the account

For both cases, once you have chosen the content you want to buy, you will have to click on the corresponding price on the green button to replace the classic item "Install". Accept the authorizations required by the application as usual and then click on the following item "Buy"In which you will see theGmail account to which the application will be linked as well as a further price report.

Guide how to pay with PayPal on the Google Play Store

At this point the procedure will vary according to whether you have set up any payment method or have already associated one. In the first case, you will see a window with the methods offered:

  • Add credit or debit cards: all cards are accepted, including prepaid, except forVCC and HSA, i.e. virtual and Health Savings Accounts.
  • Use code: you can take advantage of Gift Card
  • add PayPal

Once the last option has been selected, you will have to fill in the fields for account address and password, you will be directed to the PayPal control screen through which you can process the order and conclude the payment positively.

Confirmation email for purchase completed

In the second case, however, you will only have to confirm your identity by entering the password of the Gmail account with which you are making the purchase to ensure that this is sent to the PayPal circuit already enabled, scaling the credit automatically. In both cases, you will be reached, as usual, by two emails from the Google Play Store and Paypal that will notify you of the transaction and the authorization provided.

The guide ends here, for any doubt, question or report, you can request directly from the comment box at the end of the article.

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