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Android Guide | How to pay for the WhatsApp subscription for yourself and …

The sector of instant messaging, as viewed on several occasions, it boasts a certain competition between the various services that over time have equated themselves with offers and functionality, trying to undermine the domain of Whatsapp. The service, despite the backwardness in the functional area and the need to pay a minimum amount for each year of subscriptioncontinues to impose itself on competitors through user adhesion.

Just the question related to how to pay for the subscription it represents a point on which many users, after the free year has expired, begin to mature doubts not so much in the costs, decidedly negligible, as in the purchase methods. How to pay for the WhatsApp subscription for himself, but also for friends thanks to the recent feature introduced, not complex as long as you have clear processes.

Pay for the subscription of WhatsApp:

Before proceeding, you should know how to pay thesubscription of WhatsApp is not tied to the device in use but to the registered mobile phone number and does not require additional costs for monetary traffic. Currently WhatsApp provides three different types of subscription, valid after first year free for the first registration:

  • 1 Year: cost of the service equal to 0.89
  • 3 Years: cost of the service equal to 2.40, 10% discount%
  • 5 Years: cost of the service equal to 3.34, 25% discount

As visible in addition to affordable prices, especially by virtue of the great savings on SMS in yours tariff plans, a fair percentage of discount is also guaranteed with an increase in the time of the chosen package. Payment available through the main payment systems provided on Android and similarly for the Google Play Store: or PayPal and Google Wallet, conversions by mobile operators for telephone credit are still far away.


How to pay for the WhatsApp subscription a system designed to be simple and intuitive, also in favor of the less experienced, without losing sight of the typical security of any monetary transaction.

Once the application is open, go to the panel "Settings"And from this point orient yourself to the voice"Account”From which you can manage the main inherent options. At this point click on the “Payment info”And pay attention to the information on the following screen.

WhatsApp subscription payment guide

This is in fact the area of ​​greatest interest relating to the subscription, you can check the number used by you but above all the Expiration date of the current subscription. The types of subscription are listed in the area below. Once you have selected the package that best suits your needs, you can choose to pay in two ways:

  • Google Wallet: this is the mobile purchase method using the monetary systems available to you as an account Paypal, with direct transaction, a credit card or the use of promo codes such as Gift Card.
  • Submit Payment URL: in this case you can generate a transaction execution link that will always redirect you to Google Wallet but through a web browser, recommended for those who prefer to manage payments via desktop.

In both cases, you will be reached, as usual, by a confirmation email from Google Wallet on theGmail address associated for the transaction with specific payment and billing data. If you choose the first option, you can make the payment quickly by confirming your identity by entering the account password if you have already set up a payment method, as in the case ofpurchase of applications from the Google Play Store, however, the speech is different in case of non-association of methods that you can insert at the time of purchase.

The purchase mode directly accessible in the area below the screen will allow you to pay for your WhatsApp subscription, at the number indicated in the screen in the upper area, to pay or give the subscription to a friend you will have to access the menu by clicking on the only item present "Pay for a friend”From which you will have to choose the selected contact by executing the same payment mechanism described in the previous lines.

The guide ends here, for any doubt, question or report, you can request directly from the comment box at the end of the article.

Thanks for subscribing! Please check your email for further instructions.