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Android Guide | How to make voice calls with Hangouts Dialer

Android Guide | How to make voice calls with Hangouts Dialer

Recent news from Mountain View relatively Google Hangouts, with interface and functionality widely revisited, have also included the appearance of voice calls making the service in fact aligned with many competitors who have long been offering the functionality.

The strength of Google Hangouts for, unlike the competition, lies in the distribution of Android leveraging the integration offered by Google Apps and the recent split from Google+ which, similarly to what has been done by Facebook Messenger with Facebook, should simplify access and use for users. Despite everything, how to make them linked to the use of the Hangouts Dialer, an extension of the service that will allow you to enable the functionality.

Voice calls with Hangouts Dialer:

Before proceeding, it is advisable to clarify how voice calls withHangouts Dialer are totally free as long as the caller and the receiver own the application and have enabled the service, the latter a detail that presupposes the installation of Google Hangouts. The use of voice calls takes advantage of the voip system, already known for services such as Viber is Skype, avoiding the connection to the operator network which, in case of use, supports the call costs present even if you call someone without a Hangouts Dialer.


How to make voice calls with Hangouts Dialer simple but requires a little attention to some details to avoid incurring unfulfilled costs billed by your telephone operator, regardless of the offers you may have.

The first step is obviously to install Hangouts Dialer by downloading it from Google Play Store, in order to extend the Hangouts functionality by making the third screen appear, related to the Dialer, in the right area of ​​the display:

At this point select a contact both from the Dialer, dialing number or name thanks to the automatic dialer that has access to your Address Book, and from the Contacts screen on the left side where you can also check the names with Hangouts active thanks to the specific icon on each name.

Once you have chosen the contact, make the call as on your default composer and pay attention to the screen that appears. Placed near the user photo, in the center of the page, you will find the indication "Call"Which if alone will provide you with the guarantee of a voice call in mode voip no costs while if preceded by some costs will provide you with the guarantee that the pay call.

This last detail is perhaps one of the most important to keep an eye on in this regard Google has made available to users an indicative page where to find the tariffs based on the place of call and the telephone operator to which they belong, for more details you can go to the following link: Voice Hangouts

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