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Android Guide | How to disable Facebook Messenger notifications

Android Guide | How to disable Facebook Messenger notifications

The new mobile strategies of Facebook, among which the official split and mandatory of the native social app with the supplemental app of instant messaging, to push it further to use, it has obviously created many problems for users in various aspects: privacy, system resources, but above all notifications insistent that could be avoided.

Among the most impertinent notifications, depending also on the frequency of chats conducted per day, the Chat Heads certainly represent the most invasive with the sudden appearance of all incoming messages, leading many users to look for alternative solutions and systems on how to disable notifications Facebook Messenger.

Facebook Messenger Notifications:

Before proceeding, it is necessary to clarify how disabling the Facebook Messenger notifications is not permanent, the process in fact reversible when desired even if not very comfortable, and does not block your account in receiving and sending messages which can be exchanged normally, with the only exception of viewing them which will be unknown to you until you log in to the messaging application, all while saving system resources and a lot of patience.


How to disable Facebook Messenger notifications possible through two different solutions, of which the first understood as an alternative but unofficial method and the second instead possible by taking advantage of the functions integrated in the app but little known:

The first mechanism automatically excludes all the features of the app, not having it installed, in the second case, if you do not want to give up the app while wanting to limit its invasiveness, you will have to access Facebook Messenger and go to the panel "Settings"Accessible from the tab with the wheel icon.

Disable notifications on Facebook Messenger

Within this section you will have to access the sub category "Notifications“, Where you will have the complete management panel on previews, sounds and related modes. At this point you can choose whether to impose a partial block, up to a time, by clicking on the button in the upper right area, or completely disable the notifications by removing the tick at "Preview notifications".

The section allows you to be able to adjust every single item, in this way you can choose whether to keep the vibration when notifications arrive, the sounds and even adjust the Flashing LED, in addition to changing the ringtone by changing the tone or disabling it entirely, the choice is yours.

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