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Android Guide | How to automatically upload photos and videos to Dropbox

Android Guide | How to automatically upload photos and videos to Dropbox

The importance of cloud storage in recent years it has assumed key connotations even in the strategic choice of internal storage for the development of the main smartphones and tablets, pushing companies to reduce in favor of these systems, with services that have been able to establish themselves in the landscape becoming must-haves in the equipment software, such as Dropbox.

This cloud storage service offers a variety of possibilities to users, with obvious advantages in the combination with i mobile devices allowing access to an automated system of upload of the contents of your gallery, including photos and videos, which will always be copied to yours cloud space never losing sight of them whether you lose your device or want to access it from others such as, for example, personal computers.

Automatic upload of photos and videos to Dropbox:

Before proceeding, it should be clarified how the automation configuration process allows the user to no longer have to worry about selecting files manually or even checking the type of connection used. Dropbox was developed to be flexible according to the model, which is a entry-level or a top of the range, and the user connection management habits, you can choose whether to enable the use of data traffic or only WIFI network to avoid exceeding the thresholds of your operator's tariffs, all forgetting even the existence of the application in yours app drawer.


How to automatically upload photos and videos to Dropbox a mechanism that any user can enable without affecting the resources of their smartphone or tablet, provided we have downloaded the application and have followed the procedure of use to create an account, in which we have suggested some procedures to increase the GB of cloud offered:

If you do not already have the application on your device, in the first login phase you can immediately set this parameter with a screen where you will have the opportunity to choose whether to activate upload from the camera, using the "Enable camera upload", Also setting the videos with the switch to"on".

Set up automatic upload to Dropbox

Unlike the case of the application already installed with the login performed, the latter could be useful to understand also how to obtain the reversibility of the maneuver if you want to dissociate the cloud storage from your device. Go to the panel “Settings"Of Dropbox and click on the item"Enable camera upload"That will open up a series of options among which stand out"How to upload", Where you can choose whether to use only the WiFi network or the combination with data traffic, and"What to upload", Enabling only photos or pairing with videos.

Concluded the procedure on how to automatically upload photos and videos on Dropbox, you will be free from any thoughts with the cloud storage that will upload, without providing any input, every time from your camera photos or videos saved in the Gallery will be taken.

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