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Android Guide | How to add voice commands to Google Now

The use of voice search mechanisms represents one of the next development goals in Android, linking to the features expressed by Google Search within the larger Google Now, of which we have recently seen how to insert reminders by also using the voice command, and precisely as a function of the possibility of performing important actions, view how many and which types are currently available for the current mechanisms of Vocal recognition, which we still know are limited.

In spite of everything Google Now offers various variables of use, often completely unknown to ordinary users, allowing as of today to be able to savor the automation of voice input present in your system revealing a little publicized but decidedly fascinating side of Android, as well as similar to Android Wear and the use of the main smartwatches in the sector as revealed by the recent ones Google spot, that's why it can be interesting, as well as useful, to understand how to add voice commands to Google Now currently possible through the use of an application such as Commandr.

Voice commands on Google Now and Commandr:

Before proceeding it is advisable to know how i voice commands, and the relative recognition system, are not able to open the doors to a total use of the device without hands but can simplify some gestures and actions of common and quick use by imparting what are identified as very basic commands, which still represents a first step towards perfecting Google Now. For this reason it is therefore useful to exploit third party services such as Commandr which open to the customization of commands already integrated in the system, as indicated in this list, anticipating some phases that will soon be proposed by Google, obviously without causing inconvenience or damage to your device.


How to add voice commands to Google Now a somewhat elaborate procedure, responsible for a certain expenditure of time to optimize all the commands based on your device and the usual uses, but allows you to customize and optimize Android at notoriously uncommon levels, everything requires some basic requirements in order to enjoy its advantages:

Once the β€œOk Google", Not necessary but recommended to make the most of the usefulness of the voice commands, and once the application necessary to enable changes to the various voice commands has been installed, you must first create a connection between Google Now and Commandr by performing voice input "Ok Google" and subsequently "Save noteβ€œ, This last command will ask for the confirmation of use of a specific application, opening a menu with all the inherent ones among which you will obviously have to select the suggested, and just installed, for the voice commands.

After completing this step you will have to access Commandr, possible both through the tab link on Google and through the icon in yours app drawer, by carrying out the enabling steps of the permissions towards the Google search assistant, then moving on to the actual application interface. Inside you will have to enable the "Enable Interception", Then heading to the voice"Integrated controls”From which you can adjust, enabling or disabling, all individual Google Now voice commands.

The extensive list ranges over different types of pre-set commands, some of which may not be available depending on the single device in use, each of which will be customizable, being able to change the type of phrase or word to be used to activate that specific function.

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