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Android games inspired by superhero and animated movies: our …

Thor giochi Android film supereroi

Who loves i movie, where the protagonists are the superheroes knows very well that following a certain success the game is released both on consoles and on the various stores for smartphones and tablets. With today's article, I wanted to point out the 5 best Android games inspired by movie with superheroes and animation.

Thor: the Gameloft game, inspired by the movie by Kenneth Branagh, where the protagonist is the god of thunder, one of the most appreciated among fans of the green robot. The plot has Malekith, lord of the dark elves, as the antagonist, ready to invade the Nine Worlds. It's up to Thor to defend the universe, facing the most fearsome warriors, such as the Rock Giants, the troops of Malekith, Jotun and Marauders. The graphics then by 5 stars. Ready for battle? Please note that to install Thor on Android, 1.6 GB of free memory is required.

Smurfs' Village games animated film

Smurfs Village: the game inspired by Smurfs, the small blue imaginary creatures that populate a European forest, in the middle of the Middle Ages. After escaping from the woods, following the destruction by the evil Gargamel, you will have the task of rebuilding a new one as you wish: from the moon to the mountain, from the animals to the island. With real money, you can buy wood, stone and puffins.

Iron Man 3 Android games animated film

Iron Man 3: an action game inspired by the film by Shane Black, where, in the role of billionaire Tony Stark you will have to face the forces of A.I.M, get out of the chases unscathed and complete many remote missions

Glacial Lera Android games superhero movies

The ice Age: an Android game inspired by the animated film by Chris Wedge and Carlos Saldanha. The goal is to create a unique village, populated by all the creatures of the ice age. Move to a new level by unlocking moves buildings, new decorations and new animals. Challenge friends to those who will build the most beautiful village. It will be you?

Spider-Man Unlimited Android games superhero movies

Spider-Man Unlimited: we conclude our top 5 with the adventure game of Gameloft, inspired by the Spider-Man movie. After gathering the heroes of the Spiderman universe, you have to face the enemies in 5 different areas of New York City, more and more panicked. Will you emerge unscathed from the 25 missions?

With these Android games inspired by superhero movies is danimazione, you can have fun in your spare time.

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