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Android formatting: how to do it, before selling the smartphone

formattazione Android

If you intend to sell your Android smartphone to buy the latest top of the range just released, know how to remove the contents stored on the internal memory of the fundamental device, since your privacy is at stake. Don't you want to allow your new device buyer to access your sensitive data? Therefore, with today's guide I will explain how to do it Android formatting, before selling your smartphone.

Premise: first of all, make sure that the device is correctly configured, in order to save all your data and various documents on another storage medium.

STEP 1: press the button Men.

STEP 2: select the Settings item from the pop-up menu

STEP 3: from the section staff, select the item Backup and restore

STEP 4: to perform the Android formatting, select Factory data reset, not before you complete the backup copy of your personal data and documents. By doing this, you will return the device to the factory state

Android formatting how to do it on smartphone

STEP 5: continue the procedure with the insertion of the flag on Format mass memory. Finally click on Reset Phone

There Android formatting, an operation that allows you to restore the default settings from the manufacturer of the smartphone, so that it returns as new, useful even in the face of continuous slowdowns and drops in performance. The average time does not go beyond 10 minutes.

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