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Android, debut on September 23?

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Android, debut on September 23? logomacitynet1200wide 1

The first Android-based phone model, the open source mobile phone that is the result of Google's initiative, is expected to be released on September 23. The date set by an article published yesterday evening by the reliable Wall Stret Journal. The anticipation is the result of indiscretions based on solid information, in practice the invitations that are beginning to reach the journalists summoned to New York for the big event.

The phone, Dream trade name, will be produced by HTC, a Taiwanese house that has had a significant part in the Windows Mobile device sector to date. The reference operator will be T-Mobile, part of the Deutsche Telekom group which sells iPhones in various countries in Europe.

A phone that seemed to be an HTC and that according to the speakers ran the Android operating system was demonstrated live in Europe, at the offices of T-Mobile in London. During the event Mike Jennings, one of the evangelists who are working with the development community to stimulate the creation of applications for Android, showed how easy it is to create programs for the platform by putting together a program that moved a ball in a few moves (virtual) by shaking the phone, a clear signal that the cell phone was equipped with an accelerometer.

According to sources in the Wall Street Journal, the first Android devices are expected to go on the market by October. Parallel sources speak of a forecast for 600/700 thousand pieces sold in three months.

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