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Android as a PC mouse: the best applications

Mouse & Keyboard Remote

There is no doubt that Android smartphones, especially the latest ones, are truly versatile and excellent work tools. The level of interaction they provide is really high, to the point of having almost replaced computers and laptops. In the circumstance in which the mouse of your computer makes tantrums and if you don't have an alternative one at hand, I invite you to read this article, since I point out the best applications that allow you to use your smartphoneAndroid as a mouse for PC.

Mouse & Keyboard Remote: the primary purpose of this free application developed by Steppschuh is to transform your phone with the Google operating system into a sort of wireless remote control for computers. More precisely, following the download of the software on PC with OS Windows (here the link), you can control the mouse like a real touchpad, use the voice commands to control the PC, write via the Android keyboard software and access to the connections used most frequently. The operation ofMouse & Keyboard Remote all focused on wi-fi.

PRemote Droid Android as a PC mouse

PRemote Droid: of all the applications that can make yoursAndroid as a mouse for PC, the one released by Pierre Durand in the tools category of the Play Store, perhaps the most immediate in terms of operation, since it is enough to download from the same name software in .zip format on the PC with OS Windows and proceed with the configuration. In addition to being a mouse,PRemote Droidit can also replace the keyboard, take screenshots and play the role of file manager from the computer. The strength of this free application is full support for both Bluetooth and Wi-Fi.

Remote Mouse

Remote Mouse: in reference to the applications that allow you to use your smartphoneAndroid as a mouse for PC, the one in question among the most complete of the entire Play Store, as well as one of the simplest to use, since it works via wi-fi and, following the download of the homonymous software on PC (here the link), ensures remote control.Remote Mouse, after all, nothing more than a touchpad that acts at the same time as a mouse, keyboard and control panel simulator, useful for immediate access to the programs on the PC. Excellent presence of theplayerwhich allows you to control Windows Media Player on your pc. In addition,Remote Mousenot only works on OS Windows, but also on Mac OS X.

QRemote Control Android as a PC mouse

QRemote Control: the fact that the Remote System application is open-source and compatible with multiple operating systems (OS Windows, Mac OS X, Linux by the way, here the link of the software), certainly represents a double advantage. The pc is controlled via wi-fi: using the smartphone keypad, you can open the browser, connect to the internet, choose the music player or the media center, without having to stay on the pc. In conclusion,QRemote Control much more than just a tool that can replace the mouse and keyboard.

Now you know what applications allow you to use your deviceAndroid as a mouse for PC. Remote control is now an integral part of our routine.

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