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Anderson: Apple is doing well on its own

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Anderson: Apple is doing well on its own logomacitynet1200wide 1

Apple will not seek mergers and mergers. It is a company that makes sense as it does today.The declaration, timely and in theme in this period in which everything seems to push towards the most incredible upheavals, comes directly from Fred Anderson who addressed the topic during a conference with some financial analysts at the Salomon Smith Barney technology conference in New York. Anderson was solicited by some of those present who asked if by chance Apple would seek some kind of collaboration or even incorporation. "Apple likes to be an independent company – said the chief of financial operations – we like to be an independent company" During the meeting Anderson also revealed that the US retail business is going as expected. "We will reach the cost balance in December – said the CFO – and in the first months of 2002 we will start to produce profits" Anderson has indicated MacOs X among the growth factors for next year "which will become a great driver – said the manager – as soon as the major software manufacturers like Adobe and convert their leading applications for the new platform ". In addition, Anderson said that the company is doing well in the educational sector. As regards the current quarter, everything is proceeding according to plan. "As long as you have no news from us – said Anderson – it means that things work as we established". No new good news therefore, which translated means that at the end of the quarter Cupertino could close with the expected slight profit.Anderson also said that the 4.2 billion dollars, about 9,000 billion lire, that the company has in cash will be used to expand the retail strategy, push the research and development sector and probably implement a buy back of the shares.

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