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An increasingly uncertain future for AppleWorks

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The future of AppleWorks will not be founded on AppleWorks.

To relaunch and give new light to the hypotheses on the road that Apple's productivity package will assume in the near future an article that appeared in recent days on the Internet from which it can be deduced, in fact, that the evolution of the suite will be something radically different by the codes and modules that distinguished the historical package.

To make the thesis contained in the article worthy of mention the authoritativeness of its extensor: Bob Hearn, unanimously considered among those who gave birth to ClarisWorks, as AppleWorks was called before Apple canceled Claris transforming it into FileMaker by advocating as development and implementation of all software that was not related to the database.

Hearn telling the long story of ClarisWorks confirms in the final part that Scott Holdaway, Scott Lindsey, and Carl Grice are working on Apple who worked on the original code of ClarisWorks but they were also the founders of Gobe Productive, which produced an excellent suite of integrated productivity.

The news coincides with what was said in recent days by Jean Louis Gassee, former Apple manager and founder of Be who with his BeOs represented the reference platform of Gobe.

According to Hearn, the three engineers are not about to work on a Productive implementation for Mac OS X: β€œApple thought about it – says Hearn – but in the end he did not buy Gobe, but only hired three of its founders. They never told me what they're working on, but I'm reasonably sure it's not even the Gobe base code. "

Apple, therefore, would have brought "home" part of the team that develops ClarisWorks and instead of putting it to work on AppleWorks to transform it into something more modern and current would have put it to work on something else. It is difficult to think that this anything else, if not AppleWorks and not Gobe, cannot be a new integrated suite for productivity. Hard to believe that working on a new productivity suite, the future of AppleWorks is not marked

In light of all this, the mind, once again, runs immediately to some OpenSource projects, such as the one that gave birth to Safari and among the most accredited projects, not to mention the only possible one, is the one behind StarOffice, to be precise, OpenOffice.

Rumors in this sense, spread in recent months, in the light of everything that has happened in these weeks become increasingly credible and well founded.

When, if ever, will they materialize?