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An HD camera in my iPhone 4: macro shooting

An HD camera in my iPhone 4: macro shooting – Macitynet.it

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One of the main points of interest for the new iPhone lies in the presence of the 5 Mpixel sensor for photographic and video shooting: the new resolution also allows video shooting in 720p format (1280 × 720) and precisely to evaluate these features we shot a series of videos that we propose on youtube (in the next few hours) and with a series of frames extrapolated from the films themselves.

To analyze the video camera, thanks to Giuseppe De Maso Gentile, we have carried out a series of experiments with: high-speed moving shots from a train to evaluate any effects of stuttering and dragging, passage from inside and outside to evaluate the adaptability of the sensor to different light conditions, macro shooting. We therefore propose again as the first of the series the macro movie with the subject of flowers moving in the wind: undoubtedly a difficult subject. To you the comments on the quality of the recovery in the Macitynet Forum.

Obviously the transposition on Youtube introduces some artifacts but what we want to make you evaluate the sensor response. View it in 720p HD and take a look at the frame that we cut from the original movie being played on our Mac.

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